Mechanical Assembly, Dynamic Balancing and Field Installation

Mechanical Assembly

CMW mechanical assembly services have been one of our biggest value creators for our customer’s needs to lower their budget and decrease lead time.  As an extension of our equipment refurbishment, including our dynamic balancing capability, we are able to bring pumps, blowers and other rotating equipment back to life and last as long as a new, far more expensive component.

How our mechanical assembly process works:

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

  • CMW will perform the disassembly
  • Clean the components in preparation of a condition inspection
  • Quality Inspectors will perform a condition inspection and create a condition report
  • Our experienced Project Management team will evaluate the condition report and create an estimate to rebuild
  • CMW will submit a quoted scope of work
  • Once the purchase order is received from our customer we begin our overhaul
  • Our typical lead time to rebuild a pump or blower is 8-12 weeks

 Dynamic Balancing

CMW offers static and dual plane dynamic balancing.  Balancing reduces vibration, improves bearing life and reduces structural stress on your equipment.  Our machines are soft bearing systems and can balance up to six feet in diameter and weight up to 5,000 pounds.

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Balancing is essential to most all rotating equipment including:

  • Process Roll and Shafts
  • Impellers
  • Rotors
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Centrifuges and Mixers
  • Gears and Drive Shafts

Benefits Include:

  • Less wear to bearings, shafts and rotors
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Few machinery breakdowns and loss of production
  • Efficient operation of machinery
  • Extended overall life of equipment

CMW also offers certified balance reports upon request on all fabricated and refurbished equipment.

Field Installation

CMW offers field services that include removal of your current pump, installing a rebuild, alignment and routine maintenance.