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Our 2017 Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

2016 Total Incident Rate


At Carver Machine Works, the safety of our employee-owners is of the utmost importance.

The Safety Committe conducts a review of their completed safety audit.

OSHA Case Logs

Our craftsmen are trained per OSHA requirements and when applicable, customer site specific requirements.  Trainings include confined space, respirator protection, hexavalent chromium, fall protection, electrical safety, safe rigging practices, annual hearing screenings and various other site specific trainings that are required.

Our team maintains a robust safety culture by constantly discussing safe work practices, analyzing near misses and communicating our responsibility to each other to assist in evaluating each other’s work environment.

Case log in 2013

Case log in 2014

Cases logged in 2015

Cases logged in 2016

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for 2017 is well below industry average at .76.  Our Total Incident Rate (TIR) falls below national standards.  We are an approved vendor on ISNET World.

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