In 1976, Carver Machine Works primary service revolved around industrial pump refurbishment for a locally operated chemical plant and mining facility.  The founders developed methods to weld repair cavitation in pump casings while limiting heat distortion of the overall unit.  Because of new methods to stress relieve post welded areas, these pump casing could be reassembled and reused.  This new method of repair provided the ability to refurbish worn components versus new replacements from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at a considerable cost savings.

Over the next decades, CMW continued growing and branched into other industries applying the repair and refurbish strategy to supply our customer’s with a cost savings alternative to the OEM.

CMW has proudly serviced the Mining Industry since our inception into the market.  We have built relationships with our customers within the industry for over 40 years.  Being available and listening to our customers’ needs and addressing their issues set our commitment to customer service apart from anyone.